Poly Grid : Duplicating a track affects the quality of sound – Bitwig Forum

I duplicated tens of Poly Grid tracks, inside and outside of containers as I’m learning my way around and never heard and saw (track’s VU meters) such a problem. A duplicate should be a duplicate : the same. Same sends, same levels, same FX, so instrument. Mute one and the other should should the same isn’t it.

Later on yesterday I did some modification on the original Poly Grid track that made the signal sound a bit more harsh. I used undo to remove the changes but the harshness remained, and this is what is there today. A duplicate of this track today sounds the same as the original but then, the original tome was somehow lost.

Thanks by the way to the makers of the excellent videos out there on the matter of learning the Poly Grid. Polarity and Tâches are my favorites so far, plus the Bitwig videos for foundations.

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