Please snap GIT – snap-requests

To the best of my knowledge, that docker git implementation cannot checkin changes, and use only git over http(s), e.g. github, but not over ssh. I just tried, it does not even recognize the URL.

I would need to make my git repository available over https, and still would not have full functionality, e.g. checkin changes. And even if, it wouldn’t be able to cope with complex docker-compose scenarios.

In my eyes, there’s more uses for git on ubuntu core than just docker.

And the reason, why git has not been considered for a snap before, might be, that most Linux distributions supporting snapd already come with git, and git is quite stable, so there is no need to have the latest version as with other programs, which exist both as a regular ubuntu/debian/… package and a snap.

I am aware, that this request is rather ubuntu-core-specific.

However, if they want to bring ubuntu core forward, they need to improve usability, and a really good use case is to run docker or kubernetes/microk8s on it.

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