performance – Once VirtualBOX DHCP is running windows is running smoother

shortly my problem is that once I run virtualbox DHCP exe file windows is running smoother I have windows 11, the way I noticed that is when I try to open file explorer and use the mouse drag to select files and folders once I do that it feels not smooth at all, one day I wanted to run android emulator on my PC so I used LDPlayer and I have noticed that once I run LDPlayer selecting files and folders is 144 hz as my monitor is 144 HZ once I turn it off it back to be very poor performance after long time of investigation I have noticed that it’s because of VirtualBoxDHCP.exe it’s fixes the issue for some reason.

please can you help me I am very confusing if you need any further information please tell me and tell me how to get them.

Thanks in advance.

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