Owner required to Upgrade to Essentials to monitor wordpress – New Relic Accounts

I am using new relic Free and connected it to my wordpress site through Cloudways (i.e. I entered my NewRelic API key into Cloudway’s interface). I can see some reports, but when I want to monitor wordpress Plugins and Themes, I get a sign to upgrade to essentials. When I want to see a report on my database, I get a message to ask my admin to upgrade my account to New Relic One.

I was under the impression that New Relic Free enables the owner to have full functionality for less than 100GB/mo of data ingested. If so, what is the need to upgrade? Is it functionality that is already included in the full functionality that just needs to be turned on?

Note that NewRelic’s pricing page doesn’t show Essentials as a tier, only Free, Standard, Pro & Enterprise.

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