outlook – Use CentOS 7 as CalDAV server for calendar sharing

I added DAV on Apache on a CentOS 7 server using articles such as this one. Seems straightforward enough. This server is a remote one on the Internet.

Next, I published calendar info from my PC and from one colleague’s. The process given here is the same as that found in other links and doesn’t have any particular steps that need to be customized.

Checking on the Linux server, I see that .ics files for both users are there and contain calendar information.

I added the calendar link for the other user in Outlook contact details.


Finally, I opened a new meeting invitation and selected the user. At this point, Outlook shows a message:

An error occurred reading Internet free/busy data. Something unexpected went wrong with this URL: calendar.mydomain.com

Looking at the Apache log on the server I see an authentication error.

AH01614: client used wrong authentication scheme: /User_Calendar.ics

As far as I can determine, when I enable Dav on Apache, all access must be authenticated. During publishing, Outlook sends authentication which is why the ics files are there. But, when attempting to read another user’s calendar no authentication is sent.

What to do?

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