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Hi! I just updated the new beta. Please understand that is Beta, names are confusing, volumes and eqs and things are still on its way, but you can test it and play with it! Of course, as promised all updates will always be free and next update will adress those small bugs.

I included the old and new bank, so you get the two banks, I would say the new beta 1.0 is a new bank completely. You will see many patches are more realistic or sound better. So many changes I cant put them all here!.

Please have a look on your email, if you can’t access it Drop me a message or email, and I will send it to you.

A. Raúl Gómez.

Important: unzip the bank into your VSTplugins folder, under U-he/zebra2data/userpresets.

PS: sorry for the delays, real life stuff always gets in the middle.
PS2: I will try to update more frequently. Thanks for your support!
PS3: Updated for the most recent Zebra2 Version!

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