One Synth Challenge #153: K1v by Nils Schneider (Voting Started!) – Page 12 – Instruments Forum

I agree the possibility of modifying the preset sampled sounds in a big way was not entirely possible within this synth, by design! However, using FX I was able to modify the sound enough to fit into the sound space I required and to do what all members of a band do, i.e. hone their sounds to fit what they want sonically, and also to fit the sound coming off stage to the audience (guided by their FOH man!).

In my case of course, I was every band “member” and, producer and FOH!!! Yes, maybe more punch here and there, more changes of timbre over time etc would be nice, but then, we start to get away from the idea of the synth to “emulate” some real hardware using its original sounds.

I enjoyed this round, mainly because we were fixed to some extent by the sounds, although many did mange to mangle the sounds (not sure how much within the synth!!) to produce some outstanding and interesting tracks.

Just a view from an oldie who remembers seeing Cream back in the days!!!!!!!!!! Re-living his teen years <sigh>


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