One Particular Keyword Tag Freezes digiKam – #9 by BuckSkin – digiKam

Since my initial posting here, I have stumbled upon several tags that, when right-clicked, and some just left-clicked, will freeze digiKam into unresponsiveness.

Every suspect tag has been created within digiKam.

This is becoming a huge annoyance and has followed me through several versions.

If a tag ever does this, it will always do it from then onward.

I guess I need to make a list and hang it beside my screen and refer to it before right-clicking any tags.

EDIT: This is what I came up with to warn me not to click certain tags:
I added a special warning tag above and below the problem tag.

Busterfly_WARNING_Butterfly Tag will Freeze digiKam

Butterfly — the tag that will freeze digiKam if right-clicked

Bvtterfly_WARNING_Butterfly Tag will Freeze digiKam

Notice how I intentionally misspelled “Butterfly” such that the special warning tag will appear immediately above and below the problem tag.

Now, as I stumble upon tags that cause the freeze, I will add my warnings above and below.
I also made very noticeable icons for the warning tags.

This is a long way from the situation being remedied, but maybe it will prevent me from right-clicking these problem tags.

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