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Count Modula (Poly Manual CV) modules are to test CVs.

On the KlokSpid MkII module, first three input are CLK, RUN, and CV3. Can be converted respectively to CV1, CV2, and RESET (small segment-LED displays above first three inputs indicate role: CLK or CV1, RUN or CV2, CV3 or RST). CV4 to CV8 don’t have these displays, because they’re always CV inputs.

Expander module (named KX) brings discrete CLK, RUN, and RESET. When expander is placed along main module, internal inputs are automatically switched to become mandatory CV1, CV2 and CV3 inputs (because CLK, RUN, and RESET are from expander, instead). By using expander, you get 3 additional CV inputs (CV1, CV2, and CV3).

On KX expander, below “QUANT.” label, OFS.1 and OFS.2 are pre-offset inputs, dedicated to quantizers exclusively. They act as bipolar -5V/+5V CV inputs.

All are explained in the KlokSpid MkII specs & documentation page (okay I admit it’s TLTR, and tedious, and at the moment, it’s not a full manual).

KlokSpid MkII is a complex module, of course, it have 8 inputs (three first are versatile), 8 outputs, many waveforms, many parameters (per waveform), optional quantizers (one possible for each output), coming soon euclidean (also one possible for each output), in preparation for wavetables, clocked envelopes, al in 16HP module.

IMHO, it will be better to use this thread instead, for technical discussions, or private.

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