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oneway wrote:

Mon Dec 06, 2021 3:41 am

I think it’s just poorly numbered. Installer says 1.0. Website says 1.1. Who said it’s still in Beta? In their FAQ they say they’ll release the Demo once testing is done, and there’s a demo out, so…

So far this plugin reminds me of Sandman Pro with filters, distortions, and reverbs inside of it. Neat.

less immediate than sand man pro to me. but it sounds great. everything you’d expect from ohmforce. it goes far beyond a delay. also great modulation. i wish i could use it.

no one said it’s still in beta.. i was asking because it wasn’t clear to me. the blog says 0.0.9 and logic sees it as 0.1.0

kind of an indication of how this years long early adopter process has been poorly communicated to those who jumped in on day one.

i’m over the sour grapes at this point.. willing to be pleasantly surprised some day.

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