Oh help! DT 4.0 won’t start after trying insider build (sorta solved!) – #20 by g-man – darktable

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

It is strange: using
.\bin\darktable –configdir “.\config” in the bat file
Opens darktable but says the database is locked

I have an earlier experimental build using exactly the same method, and there is no problem.

The black command line box shows that it is the DTdev version that is running

If I use the full path name in the bat file
C:\Program Files\DTdev\darktable\bin\darktable –configdir “C:\Program Files\DTdev\darktable\config”
The program doesn’t open at all. Is there something I have typed in wrong?

I am wondering if the problems are the contents of the config directory
Should I start with an empty config directory, or should I have the particular files in there? I believed that if it was empty, then darktable would start with a new database and default settings.
If people are bored with this, then I am happy to call it a day, as it is just looking at my own problem, and not of interest to others…and I still have a perfectly good version of darktable to use.

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