Node-RED Client Editor App Ranking and Store Data

A mobile app client for Node RED -great tool for Smarthome and IOT-, quickly access Dashboard and Admin with
optimized tool, editor, location tracking and more. Current features:
– WYSIWYG Editor for Node-RED Dashboard:
Exclusive feature allow you to quickly design dashboard by drag and drop.
– Provide License Key, download link for a
Desktop version of WYSIWYG Editor for Dashboard (PRO version)
– Auto login Dashboard, Admin. Add buttons to Admin to
quickly edit, copy delete node property, show left, right panel, re-arrange and tweak layout for mobile (FREE)

Background Location tracking: Custom endpoint url, Debugging tool (FREE)
– Push Notification: Send push message from
Node-RED to app (PRO version)
– Voice command: 90 language support (PRO version)
– Built-in MQTT Client (PRO

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