No sound after fedora 35 upgrade. No wireplumber.service exists

Well, what I can tell you is that the upgrade to fedora 35 failed. Unfortunately, it didn’t report anything as an error, but I am stuck with 34.

I backed up my home directory, and I upgraded again using DNF. It didn’t do anything. I tried the upgrade using the Software app, and nothing happened either.

I have been procrastinating on installing the NVMe M.2 second (actually, it is the primary now) hard drive. So, I thought this was the best moment to do it.

I installed fedora35 on my new hard drive, and it is different. I can now see the multitasking menu on settings. I have sound in my BlueTooth, but it does not recognize my monitor’s speakers (HDMI/Displayport) or my USB headphone. So the saga continues. I will try to run the first suggestions, and I will post the results.

So, I am trying to find out how to recover my home directory and set my other disk for all the data.

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