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Let’s all just be realistic there is just better stuff out there then Komplete ….. Really the only thing they have going for them is Kontackt if that is what you need , it’s like the ProTools of friggin Samplers and Sampler players . I wish devs would find a different Sample player , but that’s what we are stuck with , but everything else is replaceable and with BETTER stuff .
. Now if you are NEW then Komplete may seem appealing . But if you been around the block , then NOT so much … Battery4 ? There is your DAW drum plugin or Tal Drum , I could go on and on . Raum reverb , just get a Valhalla reverb…. Now Reaktor maybe a thing too ? NI has been quick to make a buck but not so quick to make new products, M1 M2 native , look at Guitar Rig update for K13 it was half baked as well .

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