New Sigmoid Scene to Display mapping – #739 by Christian-B – darktable

If highlights are reconstructed (if needed that is ) , filmic v6 new defaults seem to match very closely with sigmoid. Maybe i mean it the other way around , i never understood why people like this so much when the difference with filmic is so small.

Again , that is not to whine or to moan ! To each his/her own !

But sigmoid has two modes , one which removes the color from highlights and one which tries to keep it (in my experience, this is how I describe them :)).

And if i compare between filmic max-rgb (preserve color ) and luminanceY (turn to white but more contrast) they seem similar in effect .

In the end , in sigmoid i always had to mess with the two modes and with the skew and contrast slider to get a result i wanted .

In filmic i always flip between two modes and click ‘auto’ for white , and maybe a little nudge extra . Honestly , most of the time I’m messing with sigmoid just as much if not more compare to filmic. So i don’t see the use (for me).

So, is this me not liking sigmoid compared to others ? Or me just liking/understanding filmic more than others?

I find it weird that I’m going ‘mweh, ok’ where everyone else is wanting it badly . What am I missing?

(Also , what does removing the gamut checking yield ? I never understood it to be a problem ? I thought people had issues with how clipped highlights showed without reconstructing, and the often flat, low contrast look?)

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