MuseScore Constantly Crashing | MuseScore


I just installed MuseScore on a new computer. I’ve had this computer for about a week and have installed just a few programs (which I know are trustworthy and which I have used on previous computers). I am having trouble running the latest sub-version of 3.6.2 because it keeps crashing. It seems random — I was able to enter a complete score with no problem, but when I started adding lyrics, though, the crashes began, and seemed to get more and more frequent. Now I can’t add more than a word or two before it crashes. It always offers to restore the previous version, but the previous version doesn’t include my recent changes and I have to enter them all over again.

I thought the problem might be with Windows 11, but the only two forum threads I was able to find about Windows 11 said that it’s compatible.

Help, please!

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