MuLab 9 freeze or bounce track feature?? – MUTOOLS Forum

Will MuLab 9 have a freeze track or bounce track feature?? I’m a big fan of resampling myself and I rely greatly on this capability. It can be a real pain to have to export and then go to browser library to the project folder and then pull the wav files out back into the project.

I would definitely get a lot of use of just being able to right click and freeze track to waveform and also it would be great to have an option for pre and post on the mixer so I could export it dry or wet.

Thanks I am super duper excited and cannot wait for MuLab 9… I’ll admit I hadn’t been using Mu lab for a bit, but with the anticipation of the new version I have found myself using mulab quite a bit. I just love how straightforward the software is!

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