MSoundFactory not responding polyphonically to MPE aftertouch – MeldaProduction Forum

Hi, I’m new to MSoundFactory and have been trying for several hours to make a new patch which responds to MPE aftertouch, but it just applies the aftertouch message to all voices. I tried selecting “Special Aftertouch” in the Main Controller window and checking the MPE option (or not checking it for that matter) and applying “Main #” as a MIDI controller, but the result is the same. I also tried MIDI Learn, but it just applies velocity to whatever channel the MPE controller is sending at that moment. The only way I’ve been able to get a polyphonic response to aftertouch so far is by selecting “follow aftertouch” in Advanced Settings > Velocity Shape, but this only effects volume and I’m trying to get it to influence other parameters.

Am I missing something? Has anyone had any luck with this?

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