Node-RED FTP access locally and globally – General

Dear Node red experts,

I have a connection of the hardware which has node-red in built in it. The Hardware is connected to a computer locally via (LAN 1) wired conection and thus the Node-RED dashboard and files inside the hardware are accessed via the FTP node from Node-RED.

Now to save the files inside the hardware and to download the files from the hardware via file zilla, I enter the local IP address and obtain the csv files.

But at the same time, I have also connected one more internet connection to the other LAN port (LAN 2) of the hardware and have given a static IP address to access it from anywhere over the internet. In the static IP the ports 1880, 80 and 21 are port configured to allow 2 way flow of information.

I heard that there is a risk in using the FTP node which is open to internet. So, I have not used this static IP along with port 21 for transfer of files over internet.

I am planning to access the hardware through the local IP address from LAN port 1 and get the files transfered via the file zilla directly on the laptop placed.

So, as per the connection, do I still have the security issue with the FTP port and file transfer via file zilla??

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