MQTT binding, link dimmer – Bindings

Hi all,

I am in need of repositioning my z-wave stick. To easily overcome the hurdle of moving my entire OH setup as well, I thought I go with zwavejs2mqtt on a RPI I had laying around.

Now the problem. If I create a MQTT-channel with the type dimmer, I can not link it to existing dimmer-items. This can only be done by either:

  1. Click Add Link to item... and then create a completely new Item that is type dimmer (funny enough)
  2. Set the channel type to number and not dimmer but then the commands are send as 0.0 – 1.0 instead of 0 – 100 so unusable.

Is this a (known) bug? I would very much appreciate a solution as I can’t seem to find it and I don’t want to recreate all my dimmers again.

One more side note: When I create a new Item via the Add Link to item... and make that a type dimmer as explained above. Trying to re-link this after unlinking also this item doen not show up in the list of existing items…

Running OH 3.1

Thanks for the input!

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