installation – how to install Mosquitto MQTT on linux server

Linux OS and Linux Server are two similar things. At least on this level of needs which is just installing an application.

At the first I’d recommend you to read some Linux tutorial, at first glance something like this. There you get the knowledge that installing programs into Linux quite depends on Linux distribution you currently use. And, when you are not compiling the source code of a program, you can not usually affect the destination directory – Linux has the different philosophy of folders than Windows and usually you don’t install the program to one directory in some root but to many of them (bin, lib, share, …). But in minority also some installers exists and you can affect the top level destination directory using them. I am not sure what kind of attitude chose Mosquito MQTT.

At the second I’ve read the Mosquito MQTT Download page and it seems that the easiest way ( ! but I am not sure if the desired in your company environment ! ) is to install snap via the packaging system of your Linux distribution and just run the recommended snap install mosquitto. And if the snap package is build reasonably, you will have your application installed and ready to run and configure.

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