Iginition freezes on Raspberry Pi – General Discussion

I recently install Ignition edge on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, I downloaded “Ignition-Edge-linux-armhf-8.1.11.zip”. I’m having a problem with the Pi getting locked up, freezing.

Using terminal I go to the ignition folder and start ingition up, I get the message that it’s running and a PID number. When I try to open Ignition in the browser “localhost:8088” sometimes it will open but most times I get a message that the gateway is not running, after a few minutes I can get a message that says the gateway is running but not always then it locks up, I have to crash the browers to get out of it or stop ignition with the terminal command. The few times it does start up eventualy it also locks up.

Seems like it’s overloading the Pi’s memory. Was this the right file to download? Will it run on this model of the Pi?


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