Configuration List for Raspberry Pi 3

The list contains configuration and their respective variables that can be used with balena
devices. Some of which will automatically appear for devices with supervisor v7.0.0 and greater. While they may not
automatically populate in the Configuration dashboard, most of these variables can still be used with older supervisor
versions, so be sure to check the *Supported by* context for each configuration.

In addition to these values, there may be device-type specific configuration variables that can be set. For example,
these are a few of the values that apply to Raspberry Pi devices, corresponding to the contents of the Raspberry Pi config.txt file.

Variable Name Description Will reboot Type Default

You can find more information on updating config.txt through configuration variables in our Advanced Boot Configuration
. In addition to the dashboard, this configuration can be also be set using the API or any of its clients,
including the SDK and CLI.

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