arduino mega – IoT Parking Apps with Car Plate Recognition for Smart City using Node Red

recently I found a project that involves using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Mega Board to create a Car Plate Recognition system but I am stuck with connecting the pins as I am not a professional in using Arduino Mega Board, I hope that someone can help me with identifying the whole diagram on how to connect the pins for the project. Thanks

I will include the file here:

Note: the page of the prototype that I am referring to is on the page 42 (Figure 4.2).

There will be some detailed picture starting from page 42 as well

Because my setup is different with the project above so I am confused about connecting the pins, here is the list of my components which are different with the prototype above:

  1. Arduino Mega 2560 Board instead of Arduino Uno
  2. Breadboard is 8.55.5 cm (400 holes) instead of 16.55.5 cm (830 holes)

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