Mmorph vst3 seems to be wired incorrectly. – MeldaProduction Forum

Had another go at this, doing it the “folder” way. Just to see if I could figure it out. So, if I set up a folder with two child tracks, and set one track out to 3/4, and then open the plugin pin connector.

I can side chain the 3/4 out to (sidechain 1/2)….. I was expecting it to be on (sidechain 3/4)….

I don’t know it this is a reaper thing, or a melda thing, but when I open mmorph in plogue with 4 ins and 2 outs I get two sets of ins (stereo), and two sets of sidechains (stereo).

when I try plugging a second instrument into the second set of sidechain in plogue (effectively 3/4), I get no signal in.

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