MIDI sequencer issue – random notes on – Octatrack

I’ve just started diving into the OT MKII midi sequencer (OS 1.40A), and I’m having a strange issue with random note-on messages sent. I have the midi out from OT going into a focusrite 8i6, and I’m not sending midi to the OT. I’m monitoring with midi-ox, and I’m seeing the issue even without any VSTs running. Here’s an example:

The C5 and B4 notes randomly come on the midi channel I’m sequencing. Also, strangely I’m seeing pitch bend info on channel 1 even though I’m not sequencing it?

This happens randomly even when I’m not touching controls on the OT. I’m puzzled! Any help or troubleshooting tips would be much appreciated.

I’m not sending or receiving any clock, transport or program change (all turned off). Auto channel is set to 11 and I’m sequencing on 10.

edit: I’ve also tried starting blank projects, all seem to be having this issue.

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