Midi help – Model:Cycles – Elektronauts


Loving the Model:Cycles so far, but I’m having trouble getting it to send midi notes. Probably some setting I’ve misunderstood but if anyone can shed any light, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve got the M:C connected to an Akai MPC One via USB.

Settings on the MC are:

Midi Sync:
Click In: On
Click Out: Off
PCH In: Off
PCH Out: Off

Midi In Chan:
T1 In: 11
T2 In: 12
T3-T6 Out: 13 – 16
FX In: Off
Auto In: 10
PCH In: Auto

Midi Out Chan:
T1 Out: 11
T2 Out: 12
T3-T6 Out: 13-16
FX Out: Off
PCH Out: 1

Midi Ports:
Inp from: USB
Out to: USB
Out Pol: STD
Out/Thru: Out

Midi Filter:
Rcv Note: On
Rcv CC: On
Encs: I+E

On the MPC, I’ve got seven midi tracks, set to the M:C device on channels 10-16. When I hit a pad on the MPC, it plays the M:C, but when I hit a pad on the M:C, the MPC does not receive any midi data.

Any ideas?

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