iLuv SG100 Gaming Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth in-Ear with Changing LED Lights Ultra-Low 60ms Latency and Hands-Free Call MEMS Microphone, Includes Compact Charging Case and 4 Ear Tips, Midnight Green

Easy One Step PairingPairing earphones shouldn’t be difficult and we made the SG100’s pairing process straightforward and effortless.
Simply take the earbuds out of the compact charging case and the earbuds will automatically enter discovery mode (both earbud’s led will start blinking blue and red). Once in discovery mode, take your smartphone or tablet and identify “iLuv SG100” to connect with the earphones.
If your earbuds are already paired to your device, they will automatically reconnect whenever it’s taken out of the charging case.
Independent TransmissionBoth SG100 wireless earbuds independently connect and transmit to the paired device which allows for either the Left or Right earbud to enter mono mode or stereo mode seamlessly.
Other true wireless earphones use a Parent-Child connection and are dependent on one another to complete signal transmission to the paired device. This type of connection prohibits seamless mono mode and often results in poor connection leading to constant disconnection.
Enjoy the SG100 earbuds as mono or stereo mode anytime, anywhere without worrying about any disconnections.
Buttonless Touch ControlsThe SG100 features a sleek buttonless user interface which allows for simple yet functional controls. Earbud controls listed below:
Power (On): Hold touch area for 2 seconds Power (Off): Hold touch area for 5 seconds Calls (Answer/End): Tap touch area 2 times Calls (Reject):Hold touch area for 2 seconds Dual Mode (Game/Music): Tap touch area 3 times to toggle Music (Play/Pause): Tap touch area 1 time Music (Skip):Tap touch area 2 times; Left for previous and Right for next Volume (Up/Down): Hold touch area; Left for decrease and Right for increase
*Touch area is directly on the center of the earbuds*
Clear Crisp Dual MicrophonesThe SG100 built-in microphones reduce wind noise, filter ambient noise, and transmit voice clearly in any noisy environment to ensure high quality clear crisp phone calls. Both earbuds are equipped with a high-performance MEMS mic, Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Wideband Speech.
For Apple iPhone users, please note that calls will default to the smartphone. You can switch the call over to the earbuds by using the audio button on your phone call screen. For most Android smartphones, calls will default to the earbuds.
IPX6 Waterproof ProtectionThe SG100 earbuds and portable charging case are

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