Manjaro support with Arch packages and other kernels – Non-technical Questions

I am new to Linux and Manjaro. I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro and tried every famous arch distro like Endeavouros, Garuda, Arch GUI, etc. But finally I only want to use Manjaro as it is overall best. But I heard about Manjaro crashes and modifications of Manjaro like modified kernel, repositories, etc.

So should I use other kernels like linux-zen and AUR in Manjaro. Will it support them?

Like what’s the difference of stability of AUR packages and system compared to vanilla arch if I use Manjaro default kernel and install AUR packages?

What I can easily do in Arch but I should not do in Manjaro to maintain stability?

Can I do anything in Manjaro which can be done in vanilla arch and get similar stability?

Please help me!

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