Manjaro kernel + AMD kernel – Kernel

Found in AUR : linux-amd and linux-amd-headers.
Since I have 5950X, I am very interested about the AMD Zen3 optimizations, obviously.
However in the past trying out custom kernels with manjaro comes with drawbacks.
They don’t show always up nicely in manjaro setting > kernels etc.

So is there a way to make out of this AUR amd kernel proper “Manjaro” kernel version? I mean what I have to do to get properly looking and feeling Manjaro kernel (full integration into mhwd-kernel and Manjaro settings > kernel parts) with Zen3 optimizations? And/or would it to be too much to ask for Manjaro team to provide them semi-officially in addition to real-time and other spinoff kernels?

and/or is there some small guide somewhere that helps one:

  1. pull Manjaro kernel from Manjaro git
  2. patch the kernel with user wishlist flags/settings/options/patches.
  3. compile and/install it.
  4. possibly give it custom name, so it doesn’t automatically get overwritten every time automatically by update?
  5. use it like self-made “official” kernel?
    *. some additional guide how to update it from git while keeping my own custom stuff intact.

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