Making A Dual Boot System Using UEFI As The Boot Manager

I’ve just bought a new PC to replace an ageing Dell Precision 490. On my old Dell I had two large SSDs (MBR formatted) each containing one Windows 10 system and one Windows 11 system, so 4 bootable systems in all and I could clone from one to the other easily and quickly using Paragon Drive Copy simply by copying the windows partition. I used EasyBCD to choose which system to boot using the EasyBCD menu, I could boot any of the 4 windows systems at will. This gave me a good operating system backup facility and some protection against disk failures.

I would like to do the same sort of thing on my new PC but ideally using the UEFI boot manager instead of EasyBCD. Currently I have Windows 11 Pro installed on one M2 SSD and I have another M2 SSD of the same make and size present in the system – currently not in use. I want to clone my Windows 11 partitions to this empty disk and I am hoping that each system will then appear in the Windows Boot manager – using that as the startup menu to select which system to boot.

However I suspect that it may not be as simple as that and that there more be more to setting up my desired mode of operation than I am currently aware of. But being new to UEFI I am hoping that someone here can give me some advice. I confess I am slightly concerned that cloning the partitions to the second M2 disk might leave me with a system that wont boot for some reason. I cant see why that would be the case but I am slightly nervous that it might be, particularly as I am not experienced in using UEFI.

So really hoping for some guidance on how I ought to go about setting up my desired dual boot system using the UEFI boot manager. Hoping someone here can help.

Best Regards

UEFI (newbie)

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