make width of measure accommodate staff text

Hi, I’m sure this is a simple thing but I couldn’t find the answer in the manual or the forums.

I have staff text above a note that overruns the right edge of the measure. (See attached score.) Since the measure is the 1st ending of a repeat, this means the text extends into the 2nd ending, which is confusing and a bit ugly.

I can (I think) manually widen the measure, but in a multipart score, this would widen the measure on all the parts, creating weird gaps in those parts that do not have this lengthy staff text. So what I would like to do is tell MuseScore to adjust the measure width as needed to accommodate any staff text. (In a first-ending situation like this, I would think that ought to be the default layout, as I’m skeptical anyone would prefer the layout as it now appears.) Is there a way to do this? Thanks for any tips.

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