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As the PDF Manual is not descriptive we have to come here every time even for very minor clarifications.
1) I’m in a Multitrack secession. Want to listen the playback in my bluetooth earbuds.In normal stereo secession I have seen something like a headphone symbol. Here nothing such. How to listen in head phone?
2) At the topmost of all tracks there is Main & Aux Controls. Main I understand controls overall output level of my all tracks mix. What this Aux controls?
3) And in each Track there is Vol, Pan OK I understand and this send with default value of -60 what it is?
4) This Trackpane with level meters – Level meters while playing not so visible so thin & small. Is it possible to expand this area by reducing or compromising other areas.

Just for above small aspects my editing secession I have to stop halfway & come here.Is it not possible for more descriptive Manual or some Video demos?Again back to same question.DAW is good but lack of support Manuals or Demo Videos.Unable to use its full potential.That’s why irritating

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