Best bread and butter compressor (so far)? – Effects Forum

There’s a lot of amazing sounding compressors. However, some delightful sounding dynamic processors have a very specific tonal characteristic to them. Say, Fuse Audio stuff – great, but I wouldn’t call them bread and butter. Any good FET compressor (eg. BRA, or PA FET style offerings), will do a lot for your drums, but I don’t like them on vocals.
If I were to only use 1 compressor from now on, I would go with either MJUC, which sounds great on anything, but still has character, or the compressor in my DAW, as those tend to have a neutral sound, but can go from very fast to very slow.
If you’re looking for an all around compressor as your main tool, get MJUC. It’s just a very good compressor, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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