Logcat is being “spammed”, resulting in “Too much output to process”

You may have selected “No Filters” in android monitor which causes “Too much output to process error”, Change it to “Show only selected Application” then all other Log line are filtered and will not show in Logcat.

Here is snapshot of Android Monitor.
enter image description here

I had a similar problem while testing an app. Initially the log messages displayed as expected and then it started to display my log messages “at random”, i.e. showing and then not showing.

Removing the Logcat filter showed the “too much output to process” message. I also noticed that the log was displaying messages relating to apps installed on my phone (I was using a phone to test my app) and had nothing to do with my app.

I disconnected the phone from my laptop, restarted the phone and then re-connected it back to the laptop and ran the app. The Logcat was back to normal, showing the log messages as expected.

That is normal behaviour; it is not related to a particular phone model or Android OS version. When you remove all filters, there’s just too much logging output being redirected from everything that can and does log, including system components and various libraries that are loaded at that time.

The recommended default approach is to simply filter out and view only your application’s log output and switch to no filtering only when you are specifically debugging something where you need to know what else is happening around that part of code.

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