linux – Why “Error opening terminal: unknown” after clean CentOS installation?

I downloaded latest original CentOS 8 Stream iso and used it as a disk image to make my VM in VirtualBox (latest version).

So, installation process was usual (previously I used to install CentOS several times without any issues), I chose non-GUI version and add two ticks: to install debug tools and to install sys internal tools. Installation process was finished without errors.

After my first login, I tried to use nano utility, but got Error opening terminal: unknown. error. This can be solved by sending export TERM=linux string. But the question – why I faced with this issue? I’ve never seen it before. What can be a crux of this in case of clean CentOS installation from original iso image? It was really unexpected.

P.S. echo $TERM shows me dumb (after machine reboot)

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