linux – Really loud sound input on PopOS 22.04 on an old laptop

My laptop is really old, but I never complained about audio input quality when I used Linux. Some BSODs later and a miraculous fix, I got my laptop again and installed Linux on it because my previous experience with it was great.

When in an online meeting I find that my audio is really loud and makes a lot of horrible noise (like those bad YouTube videos with a horrible speaker), my built in speakers aren’t professional level, but they were never that bad either.

Anyways, here is the output of alsa-info command.

Also, tried some common troubleshooting from the ArchWiki or even System76 itself but there is no file in /etc/pulse/ and daemon.conf is empty in that directory and in the home local directory as well.

Fish didn’t detect any pulseaudio command exposed from PATH and when briefly looking the alsa info, only pipewire was mentioned.

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