Unzip 6.0-15 breaks LineageOS builds

With the 6.0-15 update to unzip, LineageOS (And most likely all AOSP builds) fail during a verification step due to a changes in unzip

The build system runs the following command:

`unzip -o -q /mnt/out/lineage18-out/lineage18/target/product/guacamole/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates/lineage_guacamole-target_files-eng.scott.zip -d /mnt/out/lineage18-out/lineage18/soong/.temp/targetfiles-4sDrjp SYSTEM/etc/vintf/* VENDOR/etc/vintf/* ODM/etc/vintf/* SYSTEM/system_ext/etc/vintf/* ODM/etc/* META/* */build.prop`

Between 6.0-14 and and 6.0-15 the behaviour of unzip changed for this command.

Attached is the listing of the zipfile, and the output of both the old/expected version (-14) vs new/incorrect version (-15).

I went through the patches introduced between 6.0-14 and 6.0-15, and have determined that the ‘unzip-6.0-fix-recmatch.patch’ is what changes the behaviour.

Additionally, the ‘unzip-6.0-caseinsensitive.patch’ does not apply without the recmatch patch.

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