[Solved] Android studio: not showing filter option

I have the same problem as you, including after complete clean (format disk) install of Ubuntu 13.04 and clean install of everything.

Today I finally figured out some magic window/tab drag operation. I’m on Android Studio 0.42 as of this posting.

I don’t really know how to describe the drag operation, and I’m a bit afraid to undo it for screenshots 😉


[ Devices ] [ Logcat ] [ ADB Logs ]

While on devices (while filters and everything on the right are there), drag the logcat window INTO the frame, somewhat below the tab bar.

They then stack so you can see the Filter AND the logcat on the same window. Then it will look like this:

[ Devices | Logcat ] [ ADB Logs ]

only two tabs (note the vertical bar), with the first tab holding merged content.

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