Dual boot – Manjaro KDE along side Kubuntu 20.04 – Installation & Boot


I’m new here. I was reading on the outside from your forum so thought I’d jupoin and see if anyone can guide me to successfully install Manjaro KDE along side Kubuntu.
I recently downloaded Manjaro and tried running the install … but at first it didn’t give me and option to install along side Ubuntu, but when I divided the SSD into 2, then it gave me option. I then selected “along side” but the install “failed to move ubunttu”. So then I thought install Manjaro on the 2nd partition I created, but then I was confronted about what to do with the “boot” … should I select “no boot” (and use previous Ubuntu’s boot grub, or choose to install a 2nd boot and if so ideally where?
Installing Bantu along side windows went smoothly previously… I’m concerned this might not and hoping not to blow everything up!
If any one can help I’d highly appreciate it.

Currently do this forum post on my ipad and limited access to pc.

It’s an old laptop, intel i7, 8 gig ram, 220gig SSD … if that makes any difference.


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