android 12 – How’s the module like org.lineageos.settings.resources but in Droid on Time Custom ROM called?

I’m getting the following error while building Droid on Time for my Pixel 3 XL:

error: device/google/crosshatch/parts/Android.bp:7:1: "GoogleParts" depends on u
ndefined module ""
18:01:21 soong bootstrap failed with: exit status 1

Does anyone know how that module is in the Droid on Time source code is called?

Here’s the content of this Android.bp file:

// Copyright (C) 2021 The LineageOS Project
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

android_app {
    name: "GoogleParts",

    srcs: ["src/**/*.java"],
    certificate: "platform",
    platform_apis: true,
    privileged: true,
    system_ext_specific: true,

    static_libs: [

    optimize: {
        proguard_flags_files: ["proguard.flags"],

Thanks in advance

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