linux – Amber22 requires CUDA versions between 8.0 to 12.0, but my Manjaro has CUDA version 12.1. How can I change this?

I am trying to install and build a molecular docking tool called amber22 that utilizes the GPU (CUDA) to accelerate the molecular docking simulations on Manjaro. However, it supports CUDA versions between 8.0 and 12.0, the CUDA version in AUR is 12.1.

When I try to run the CMake script I get this error:

-- CUDA version 12.1 detected
CMake Error at AmberTools/src/quick/quick-cmake/QUICKCudaConfig.cmake:94 (message):
  Error: Unsupported CUDA version.  quick requires CUDA version >= 8.0 and <=
  12.0.  Please upgrade your CUDA installation or disable building with CUDA.

So I uninstalled CUDA 12.1 and built the 11.1 version from this AUR repo and installed it into the system and set the $CUDA_PATH env variable to point to its location which is /opt/cuda and added the /opt/cuda/bin directory to the $PATH, however I still got the same problem, turns out there is a CUDA driver version (12.1) and a CUDA runtime version (11.1) which was revealed after running the deviceQuery sample test installed with CUDA 11.1. Amber detects the CUDA driver version. Is there a solution to this ?

If you want me to share any more details, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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