LineageOS 18.1 [R] [11] (Unofficial) Mi Pad 4 Plus (clover) | Page 45

Had this happen again. Always happens overnight while I am sleeping. This time (and maybe last) device was plugged into wall charger. My recollection is that first time it happened it was not. It’s happened at least 3 times now.

In morning black screen. Forced boot (holding power), Mi logo, then reboot without Lineage starting. This time after 5 attempts it would still not start lineage. I left it for 20 mins tried again, held power key for 10 secs, Mi Logo appeared and finally lineage boot graphic appeared.

I just got a PM from someone else having same issue.

I didn’t see if I could boot into recovery, I should have and will next time.

This has only started happening since I flashed 18.1 (previously running 17.1 Lineage).

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