Korg Wavestate New Legacy by App Sound

New Legacy is a sound pack for the Korg Wavestate 2.0 with 64 new Performances, 100 Programs and 46 Multisamples which you can use as new synth waveforms (200 MB in total: Minimoog, JP-8, OB-X as well as formant shaping waves and granular and atmospheric effects). It’s a joint venture between Peter Krischker (Easy Sounds) and Matthias Sauer. All performances are based on up to four Layers with a focus on deep soundscapes, magic pads and arpeggiator sounds:

  • Set List of 64 Performances.
  • 46 new multisamples (200 MB).
  • 100 Programs.
  • Categories: Soundscapes, Pads and Arpeggiator.
  • Styles: Ambient, Chillout, Cinematic, Pop, Electronica.

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