Keeping it Minimal And Being Productive – Everything Else (Music related) Forum

I am a singer mostly when i practice enough
and I play keys , I have wrote so many songs over the years but what really stops me from getting productive is soooo many patches so many plugins.
I have been going through what i do and don’t need and making my arsenal more small and because of that i am starting to get more creative for example
using only 10 favourite pad sounds that I like and adding my own effects for quick simple modulations , I’m also getting rid of libraries and stuff
because it has hampered my creativity , i think i have ocd anyway ( not the cleaning kind )
my question is do you think too many options makes you waste time and you find yourself playing with toys instead of actually finishing or learning anything
i see some priducers with thousands of sounds and they make good stuff
so is it only me , i know i need to keep it all small now but do you ? cheers

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