KARMA (karma-lab) technology needs more love – Instruments Forum

As for my use of it… I’ve used my M3m as an advanced arpeggiator, triggering various external things (I’m also not a huge fan of the built-in sounds), including running the MIDI output into BFD for unplanned drumming (from melodic patterns), which usually requires some editing to get the right triggering.

Modifying the KARMA parameters, and sometimes the recorded MIDI itself inside the DAW, gets around the “this is someone else’s pattern” concerns I might have, and I don’t tend to use it in obvious ways (not up front, and not as a core element). It’s for inspiration and modification, like any synth preset; not for use as an automatic mindless accompaniment, IMO.

I’ve also used the chord pads to quickly throw chord progressions together, but that’s not KARMA.

I’ve used my Korg M3m very little, all said and done, but I don’t necessarily blame the device itself. I blame my lack of spending time with it. It took years of bad touch screen to finally put out the effort to replace the digitizer. Now that it’s usable, I try to start it up and do SOMETHING with it now and then. Mostly accidental inspiration and triggering. I doubt any of my music “sounds like” the Korg M3m or KARMA.

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