Jupyterhub permissions issue w/ NFS home directories – JupyterHub

That’s super helpful, thanks! I guess I should say, I can’t guarantee that the user’s home directory will already exist in the common volume – this deployment is still being designed and the details are still flexible – but if it’s best not to leave that creation to JH when it’s required, I’m sure I can have another element of the system handle it.

That leaves us with just running the server as the right UID/GID, which does indeed seem possible as long as we have access to those values at startup time, and I had indeed seen the thread you reference on getting that information from LDAP. Just to add yet a further complication, if I’m using OpenID Connect to bring in my identities, and the UID and GID are included in the metadata package it returns, am I right in thinking I can apply a similar pre_spawn_start override to grab that data and use it to configure the server startup?

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