Puppeteer – NodeJS Installation

Puppeteer code implementation is done using JavaScript. For this, NodeJS has to be installed since it is a JavaScript engine. Only after its installation, we can execute Puppeteer tests.

The steps to configure NodeJS are listed below −

Step 1 − Launch the application having the below link −


Step 2 − As per the local operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) we are using, click on the link to download the Installer.

Installation of NodeJS

Step 3 − Once the installer is downloaded, click on it. We shall be navigated to the Node.js Installer welcome screen. Click on Continue.

Node.js Installer

Step 4 − Agree to the terms of agreement of Nodejs.

Terms of Agreement of Nodejs

Step 5 − Click on Install.

Step 6 − Once the success message of Nodejs installation is displayed, click on Close.

Success Message of Nodejs Installation

Step 7 − To check if Nodejs is installed successfully, open the terminal and run the command: node.

Nodejs is Installed Successfully

The version of the Nodejs installed in the machine should get displayed.

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