Node. js is not installed when I want to spy and record mobile (iOS) – Mobile Testing

Hi. Before I tell about my problem, I wanna give the specification of my device.

Macbook: MacBook Pro M1 2020 (MacOS: Big Sur version 11.4)
Appium: 1.22.0
Node: 14.18.1
Katalon: Katalon Studio Enterprise v 8.1.0

I have a problem when I start to spy and record mobile in Katalon. There is a notification popup
Unable to start application
Reason: Node.js is not installed

And for the information, the directory of appium is different. When I write in terminal, the directory of appium in /opt/homebrew/bin/appium. But when I input this directory in Katalon > preferences > mobile, the directory is invalid. So, I search and input directory /opt/homebrew/lib/node_modules/appium.

Please, help me to know how to solve my problem (node.js is not installed) in Katalon.
Thank you.

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