jetbrains ide – PhpStorm set all files / folders to brown background and weird structure

So I just noticed that my PhpStorm has set a background color to my project and also the structure is weird. All best explained by some screenshots.

This is how it is looking now, I cannot even see my App folder etc here:

enter image description here

After I click on Project in the top and then select Project Files, I can see my structure again like normal:

enter image description here

My question is, what does this mean and how can I set it “back to normal”? As for me, “normal” means the following:

enter image description here

I can see all my files in Project and also there is no brown background color.

What I have done so far, as suggested from Google searches, is:

  1. Close the project, remove it from recent projects and opening it again in PhpStorm.
  2. Removing the .idea folder and opening my project again.
  3. Reload All From Disk.
  4. Invalidate Caches.

P.S. This is a new Laravel project, with only some minor changes and all files added to git, and also just did one last commit. Nothing “fixes” this.

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